How Resource Watch Changed the Way We Monitor the Planet’s Pulse

One year ago today, World Resources Institute and more than 30 partners launched an open data monitoring platform to advance a healthy planet where people and ecosystems thrive. Resource Watch leverages technology, data and human networks to bring much-needed transparency on the state of the planet.

Mapping the Impacts of Urban Growth: Outward vs. Upward in São Paulo and Addis Ababa

< Blog This blog was originally published on TheCityFix. By Eric Mackres and Elise Mazur Cities can choose how they grow by directing investment and policies in specific ways. Those cities that have more upward growth relative to outward growth, for example, are better able to provide services and opportunities to their residents because development occurs in already well […]

4 Places Putting Green Infrastructure to Work for Local Communities

By Emily Cassidy and Suzanne Ozment Water is a source of growing tension and violence in places it is scarce. At the same time, sea level rise and flooding threaten millions of people living near coastlines and low-lying areas. Traditional infrastructure such as concrete dams and seawalls is insufficient to protect people from these multiplying threats. Natural […]

Seeing Energy from Space: 5 Tools Using Remote Sensing to Improve Life on Earth

By Aaron Kressig, Dimitrios Mentis Access to reliable electricity is essential for improving human livelihoods and is a prerequisite for economic development. Yet hundreds of millions of people lack access to a stable supply. While access to electricity is essential, the sector is also the leading driver of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Tracking the progress and changes […]

Too Many Cities Are Growing Out Rather than Up. 3 Reasons That’s a Problem

< Blog By Jillian Du and Anjali Mahendra Imagine Lagos, Nigeria, a city of 22 million. What was once a small coastal town just a few decades ago has exploded into a sprawling megacity spanning 452 square miles. Its rapid growth has stretched the city’s services impossibly thin: Less than 10 percent of people live […]

Fishing the Line: Capturing Resources that Swim Across Boundaries

By Emily Cassidy, Amelia Snyder, and Kristine Lister from Resource Watch, and David Kroodsma, Global Fishing Watch More than one billion people depend on fisheries and aquaculture as a primary source of protein. In many low-income countries, they also rely on fishing for income. While countries mostly fish within their own jurisdictions, according to data […]