To Turn the Tide on Ocean Health, A Collaborative Data Platform Can Help

Ocean Watch is a new tool that aims to support people in maintaining and restoring the health of the ocean and the wealth we derive from it. This data platform is powered by Resource Watch and has been created to help those managing ocean health find the answers they need to achieve global ocean goals.

Fishing the Line: Capturing Resources that Swim Across Boundaries

By Emily Cassidy, Amelia Snyder, and Kristine Lister from Resource Watch, and David Kroodsma, Global Fishing Watch More than one billion people depend on fisheries and aquaculture as a primary source of protein. In many low-income countries, they also rely on fishing for income. While countries mostly fish within their own jurisdictions, according to data […]

4 Maps Reveal the Future of the Ocean

< Blog World Oceans Day is a prime time to look at the state of the seas. Thanks to a growing pile of data and scientific studies, we know more about the ocean today than we ever knew before. Data also enables us to look into the future and see what may be in store […]

Map: An Alarming Look at How Bad Coral Bleaching Could Get by 2050

< Blog Coral reefs feed and shelter thousands of species of fish, buffer coastal areas against waves and storms, and support local economies through tourism and fishing. But they’re increasingly threatened by a dramatic and destructive stress response known as coral bleaching. Bleaching occurs when prolonged exposure to warmer ocean temperatures and other stressors causes corals […]