Where’s the Pig Capital of the World?

There are at least three times as many animals raised for food each year than there are people on the planet. Raising these 22 billion animals uses more land than any other human activity, and in some places there are way more livestock than there are people. This got me wondering: Where is the pig capital of the […]

How Much Beef is Too Much for the Climate?

< Blog When you think about tackling climate change, solar panels and wind turbines might come to mind, but not necessarily the food you put on your plate. Researchers at the World Resources Institute (WRI) released a report this week detailing a five-course menu of solutions for a sustainable food system. The report contains several recommendations for […]

Fishing the Line: Capturing Resources that Swim Across Boundaries

By Emily Cassidy, Amelia Snyder, and Kristine Lister from Resource Watch, and David Kroodsma, Global Fishing Watch More than one billion people depend on fisheries and aquaculture as a primary source of protein. In many low-income countries, they also rely on fishing for income. While countries mostly fish within their own jurisdictions, according to data […]

Which Foods Produce the Most Emissions?

< Blog By Sarah Parsons and Peter Kerins Fourth of July is synonymous with cookouts—more specifically, grilled meats. Americans typically consume about 150 million hot dogs over the holiday weekend—more than any other time of year—and purchase 700 million pounds of chicken and 190 million pounds of beef in the weeks preceding July 4th. Not all these foods are […]