Touring the World’s Reefs Through Data

The Regional Coral Reefs Profiles integrate worldwide data and adjust it to match the 10 regions determined by the GCRMN, resulting in standardized information for decision-making for every region in the world.

Bringing local context to global data

Areas of Interest is a new feature that allows you to do a localized analysis of global datasets. Create custom geographic filters and bring your geographical context to our global data repository!

Earth HQ: A Situation Room For The Planet

Resource Watch is partnering with the Global Commons Alliance, to launch Earth HQ, a new interactive site to visualize and understand the climate and nature crisis.

CityAQ: Reliable Localized Air Quality Forecasts for More Cities

More than 80% of the world’s cities do not meet World Health Organization standards for safe air, making air pollution the world’s top environmental risk for health. The growing air pollution problem is having enormous impacts on human well-being including the propensity to contract respiratory infections, heart disease, stroke and lung cancer. Air pollution caused […]