4 Maps Reveal the Future of the Ocean

< Blog World Oceans Day is a prime time to look at the state of the seas. Thanks to a growing pile of data and scientific studies, we know more about the ocean today than we ever knew before. Data also enables us to look into the future and see what may be in store […]

Karachi, Pakistan’s Lethal Heatwaves Just a Taste of What’s to Come

< Blog Temperatures in Karachi, Pakistan’s most populated city, have soared above 113 degrees F in May 2018. Sixty-five people have already died due to heat-related illnesses, and NASA data shows it’s just a taste of what’s to come if emissions continue unabated. The map above shows projected change in extreme heat days in 2051-2080 compared to 1971-2000, under a high emissions scenario. […]